I shoehorn politics into tabletop gaming. News junkie. Obsessed with game mechanics. Godless heathen. Sci-fi devotee. Anti-conservative. Societal disaster.
A headshot of a female storm giant. The woman is black with white cloud-like hair that wrap around her head and below her chin. She has blue luminescent eyes. She wears a black dress with a crystal-like shoulder piece. She has gold wire bracelets on both arms, from wrist to shoulder. She holds a white masquerade mask beside her face. Both faces are frowning.
Image from dnd.wizards.com.

The Real Money in Tabletop Games is in Movies and TV

When Wizards of the Coast announced their plans to “evolve” Dungeons & Dragons, fans speculated wildly about the changes in store for the game. But the game itself is quickly becoming irrelevant. WotC, like the rest of Hasbro, is now in the movie business.

Jeremy Crawford, D&D’s Lead Rules Designer…

A drow in ad hoc grey and brown armor holds up a large purple flag. He wears a purple bandana over his mouth and nose. His pointed ears stick out. He holds a large pistol with a large magazine forward of the trigger, and wears a bandolier of bullets over his shoulder. in the background is a WANTED poster of a drow with an eye patch.
The Firebrand. Image from rowanrookanddecard.com.

Drow Are (Not) Terrorists

“You have joined the Ministry of Our Hidden Mistress, a paramilitary cult that worships a forbidden goddess, and sworn in blood to avenge the wrongs placed upon you and your people. You have made an oath to fight the high elves, to subvert and capture their resources, and to take…

The portrait for the Azurite character chlass. A side-shot of a person wrapped in dark blue robes, scarves, bandages around their hands, and turban with gold jewelry around the headband. All dark blue. They seem to wear a steampunk-ish jewelers loop. Their face is hidden in shadow. They are appraising an unknown item.
The Azurite character class portrait from Spire: The City must Fall.

Spire: The City Must Fall + Spire: Strata

“The Azurites have devoted their lives to buying and selling. Clad in their trademark blue robes (and adorned with blue scarves, hats, buckles, flowers and jewelry) they make a habit of buying low and selling high, maintaining an awareness of the markets, and knowing precisely who to sell what to.”

Cover to Business Wizards.

But first, Business Wizards

“Some of the least skilled, least useful people on this planet have corner offices.”

Jamilah Lemieux

“The goal of [Business Wizards] is to tell an absurd, self-
aggrandizing story of magic and capitalism while
trying to accomplish an over-scoped, convoluted
project goal.”

— Business Wizards, page 66

Business Wizards


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