I shoehorn politics into tabletop gaming. News junkie. Obsessed with game mechanics. Godless heathen. Sci-fi devotee. Anti-conservative. Societal disaster.
A headshot of a female storm giant. The woman is black with white cloud-like hair that wrap around her head and below her chin. She has blue luminescent eyes. She wears a black dress with a crystal-like shoulder piece. She has gold wire bracelets on both arms, from wrist to shoulder. She holds a white masquerade mask beside her face. Both faces are frowning.
Image from dnd.wizards.com.

The Real Money in Tabletop Games is in Movies and TV

When Wizards of the Coast announced their plans to “evolve” Dungeons & Dragons, fans speculated wildly about the changes in store for the game. But the game itself is quickly becoming irrelevant. WotC, like the rest of Hasbro, is now in the movie business.

Jeremy Crawford, D&D’s Lead Rules Designer…

Front cover of Wargaming Experiences: Soldiers, Scientists and Civilians

Wargaming Experiences: Soldiers, Scientists and Civilians by Natalia Wojtowicz

Wargaming Experiences has a lot going on. It’s a book on designing serious games. And it’s a design diary for the author’s scenarios. And it’s the personal story of the author’s journey to enact useful wargaming within NATO. The early chapters detail the author’s framework for developing useful wargames. The…


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